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Concrete Innovations presents finishing slicks
Finishing Slick Product Shot 1

FINISHING SLICKS® Brand Concrete Finishing Overshoes are designed to be worn during the actual finishing phase of concrete. FINISHING SLICKS® eliminate the need of patching up holes and marks, which normally work boots/shoes and knee boards would leave behind. By eliminating repetitious motion, FINISHING SLICKS® will save the concrete finisher time and money, while still allowing for quality.
Distributor inquiries are welcome, contact Rodney @ 270-465-5163

     Product Features
  • Special patent-pending design prevents mud and debris from depositing from work shoe to concrete slab.

  • Walk across nearly finished concrete, while leaving minimal trace.

  • Works with any size shoe or boot.

  • Works on left or right equally.

  • Quickly put on and taken off.

  • Easy to clean and fast to dry.

  • Saves time in finishing process.

  • Durable and long lasting.

  • Cost effective & Competitively priced.

  • Will not adhere to most concrete surfaces regardless of aggregate or additives
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Coming Soon! 
By popular demand... Yes, you asked Concrete Innovations for it and it will soon be available. Spikes for FinishingSlicks® to use on all epoxy coatings and overlays. These one size fits all “FinishingSlicks® Spikes Overshoes" will be the same superior quality as the FinishingSlicks®. Check back often to see photos and video and its availability.
Top Products Award
Winner 2008

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